Gender: Feminine

Origin: Indian

Meaning: “Water.”

Pronunciation: (jee-VIH-kah)

Nicknames: Jee, Jeevi, Jeeva, Jeeves, Vika



Gender: Feminine

Origin: Maori

Meaning: “Milky Way; long part of the fish.”

Pronunciation: (ee-kah-ROH-ah)

Nicknames: Ika, Roa

Detail: Ikaroa literally means the long part of the fish. Ikaroa also refers to the Milky Way.


Gender: Feminine 

Origin: English

Meaning: “Bird.”

Pronunciation: (lark)

Nicknames: Lar, Larky

Detail: Lark is a type of lighthearted, playful songbird.

The River Lark is a river in England, which crosses the border between Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Lark means “Cloud” in Australian Aboriginal

Peirene; Pirene

Gender: Feminine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “The tying; fastening one.”

Pronunciation: (PEY-reh-nee); (pih-REH-nee)

Nicknames: Pay, Pira, Rene

Detail: Daughter of the river god. Pirene was a nymph in Greek and Roman mythology whose unending grief for the loss of her son transformed her into a fountain near Corinth.