Gender: Feminine

Origin: Indian

Meaning: “Sapphire; blue; color of the sea.”

Pronunciation: (NEE-lah)

Nicknames: Nee, Neeli

Detail: Neelakurinji is a plant that used to grow abundantly in the shola grasslands of South India. The Nilgiri Hills, which literally means “the blue mountains”, got their name from these purplish blue flowers that blossoms gregariously only once in 12 years.


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Immortal; unfading.”

Pronunciation: (am-ah-RANTH) Amaranth

Nicknames: Ama, Amara, Am, Ammy, Ranthe, Mara

Detail: In Greek mythology, the amaranth was an eternally-blooming flower.

Amaranth Brandybuck was a Hobbit in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.


  • Amaranta (ah-mah-RAN-ta)
  • Amaranthe (am-ah-RAN-thee)