Gender: Feminine

Origin: Gaulish; Roman ; Latin

Meaning: “Alder; Man; True.”

Pronunciation: (VUR-lee)

Details: It is probable that this name could derive from a Norman surname, which was itself derived from a Gaulish word meaning “alder”.

It is also possible that the name originated from the Roman name Virilius “man”, but this is not confirmed.

It could also be connected to the medieval name Ver, derived from the Latin Verus “True”. Ver enjoyed some popularity with this usage in medieval England to honor a 4th century bishop. Thus, the exact lineage of the name is unknown, but could come from any one of these roots.

Female Variations:

  • Verlea
  • Verlia
  • Verlie

Male Variations:

  • Verle
  • Verlo


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Hebrew / Gaulish

Meaning: “Graceful woman.”

Pronunciation: (AN-uh-veev)

Nicknames: Anne, Vivi, Neve, Nevi

Details: Combination of Anne names and Genevieve. Anne being derived from the Hebrew name Channah which meant “favour” or “grace”; and Genevieve from Genovefa, a Gaulish name possibly meaning “tribe woman”.