Gender: Feminine

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “Solidity.”

Pronunciation: (CAH-lass)

Nicknames: Cal, Cala, Cali

Calas comes from the same root as caled, Welsh for “hard,” and means “solidity.”

As an element, calas is the source of form, differentiation, manifestation, and stability. Its image in nature is stone.

Druid Revival lore contains a set of three elements that first appears in Iolo Morganwg’s writings. Whether it’s an invention of Iolo’s or a surviving scrap of some older teaching is anyone’s guess, but the three elements have been part of Druid Revival teaching ever since his time. Their names are Nwyfre, Gwyar, and Calas.


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Norwegian

Meaning: “Descended from stone.”

Pronunciation: (peh-oo-LEE-veh)

Nicknames: Liv, Livi, Pilvi, Pelle, Ole, Olive

Detail: Combination of per, from the Greek petros “stone, rock”, and oliv, form of Olaf, from the Old Norse AnulaiƀaR meaning “ancestor’s descendent”


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Sanskrit

Meaning: “Jewel, gem.”

Pronunciation: (OH-puh-leen); (OH-puh-line)

Nicknames: Opal, Opie

Detail: The word derives from Sanskrit upala meaning “jewel”, which also gave the Greek opallios, the Latin opalus, and the English opal.

The opal is an iridescent gemstone, popular for many centuries. It is the birthstone of October.


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Sapphire, blue gemstone.”

Pronunciation: (sah-FEER-ah); (sah-FAHY-rah)

Nicknames: Saph, Saphi, Safa, Phira

Detail: Sapphira was a character in Acts in the New Testament.

In the book Eragon, the main character’s blue dragon is named Saphira.

Sapphire gemstone is the birthstone for the month of September.


Gender: Masculine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Mercury.”

Pronunciation: (mur-KYOO-shee-oh)

Nicknames: Mac, Mek, Merk, Merro, Murry, Cue, Tio

Detail: The name comes from Mercury, the Roman messenger god.

Mercutio is a character of Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”.

“If love be rough with you, be rough with love. Prick love for pricking and you beat love down.”


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Salt.”

Pronunciation: (sal-SOH-lah)

Nicknames: Sala, Sally, Salt, Sola, Salsa

Detail: The name Salsola is derived from Latin salsus, meaning “salt”.

Common names of various members of the Salsola plant genus include tumbleweed, for its wind-blown seed dispersal habit; saltwort, for its salt tolerance; and Russian thistle for its origins, although it is not a thistle.

Salsola is the salt of the earth.