Gender: Masculine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Greatest.”

Pronunciation: (MAKS-ih-muss)

Nicknames: Max, Maxime, Maxus

Detail: From the Roman byname derived from the Latin maximus, “greatest”.

This was the name of a 7th century monk and theologian from Constantinople, Saint Maximus.

Male Variations:

  • Massimo (Italian)
  • Maxence (French) [mak-SAHN-seh] Listen
  • Maxime (French)
  • Maximillian (English)
  • Maximo (Spanish)
  • Maximus (Ancient Roman)

Female Variations:

  • Maxima (Ancient Roman)
  • Maxine (French)


Gender: Masculine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Vendor of sewing materials.”

Pronunciation: (MER-ser)

Nicknames: Mer, Mero

Detail: Transferred use of the surname, in origin an occupational name for a trader of sewing materials (Old French mercier, from Late Latin mercarius, a derivative of merx meaning “merchandise”).


Gender: Masculine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Mercury.”

Pronunciation: (mur-KYOO-shee-oh)

Nicknames: Mac, Mek, Merk, Merro, Murry, Cue, Tio

Detail: The name comes from Mercury, the Roman messenger god.

Mercutio is a character of Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”.

“If love be rough with you, be rough with love. Prick love for pricking and you beat love down.”


Maverick (Tom Cruise) in Top Gun

Gender: Masculine

Origin: English

Meaning: “An independent, free spirit.”

Pronunciation: (MAV-er-ik)

Nicknames: Mac, Mav

Detail: Maverick’s language of origin is English-American. The name’s meaning is “a wild nonconformist”.