Gender: Masculine

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “Growth.”

Pronunciation: (ZEE-ahd)

Detail: Means “growth” in Arabic.


  • Ziad
  • Ziyad


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “Servant of God.”

Pronunciation: (ah-mah-TOO-lah)

Nicknames: Ama, Tula, Tuli

Detail: Arabic name meaning female servant of Allah.

Like a mash up of Amalia and Tallulah.


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Germanic

Meaning: “Eastern; where sun rises; Dawn.”

Pronunciation: (0h-STAHR-uh)

Nicknames: Ossie, Ozzie, Star

Detail: Ostara, may come from the word “east”, meaning dawn.

Teutonic dawn goddess of fertility. Her name was derived from the ancient word for spring: “eastre.”


  • Ausos
  • Austron
  • Easter (English)
  • Eastra
  • Eastur
  • Eostra
  • Eostre (Germanic)
  • Eostur
  • Ostara (Germanic)
  • Ostare
  • Ostern


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Germanic

Meaning: “Fighter/soldier for God.”

Pronunciation: (vee-YOH-nah)

Nicknames: Vi, Vija, Jona

Details: Formed from the combination of the Germanic/Norse vi meaning “holy, fighter” and from the Germanic jona, feminine form of John, derived from the Hebrew Yochanan meaning “god is gracious”.

For those of us who like Fiona, this could make a very unusual, alternative choice.