Gender: Feminine

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: “Blood; flow, fluidity.”

Pronunciation: (GOO-yar)

Nicknames: Yari, Gw

Gwyar literally means “blood” in old Welsh, but its more general meaning is “flow” or “fluidity.”

As an element, gwyar is the source of change, motion, growth, and decay. Its image in nature is running water.

Druid Revival lore contains a set of three elements that first appears in Iolo Morganwg’s writings. Whether it’s an invention of Iolo’s or a surviving scrap of some older teaching is anyone’s guess, but the three elements have been part of Druid Revival teaching ever since his time. Their names are Nwyfre, Gwyar, and Calas.


Gender: Feminine

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “God is gracious.”

Pronunciation: (joh-VAHN-nah); (jee-oh-VAHN-nah)

Nicknames: Gio, Gia, Gianna, Gi, Gigi, Giovi, Giova, Jo, Jojo, Vanna

Detail: Feminine form of Giovanni, which is the Italian variation of John.