Gender: Feminine

Origin: Germanic, Old English

Meaning: “Noble Beauty.”

Pronunciation: (od-FLEH-dah)

Nicknames: Aude, Fleda, Flee

Details: Composed of Germanic adal “noble” and Old English flæd “beauty”.

Famous bearer is Audefleda Princess of Franks.

2 thoughts on “Audefleda

  1. Great Alternative Nicknames for Audefleda : Auda, Oda, Ada, Afa, Feda, Dela, Della, Dellie, Delly, Uda, Ude (Uh-dah), Udela, Udella, Uddie, Ufa, Ufle ( Ooof-lee or yoof-lee) Elf, Elfa, Elfie, Ede (ay-dah), Eda, Edie, Leda (makes me think Of the swan in Chaucer’s works), Deda (dee-dah)- and this one is a little off the beaten path but all of these option would make great nicknames.

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