Gender: Masculine

Origin: Germanic

Meaning: “Noble Wolf.”

Pronunciation: (AH-dawlf)

Nicknames: Ado, Dolf, Alf, Alfie

Detail: From the Germanic name Adalwolf, which meant “noble wolf” from the Germanic elements adal “noble” and wulf.

Male Variations:

  • Aadolf (Finnish)
  • Aadolf (Finnish)
  • Aatoli  (Finnish)
  • Aatolppi (Finnish)
  • Aatoltti (Finnish)
  • Aatolvi (Finnish)
  • Aatovi (Finnish)
  • Aatto (Finnish)
  • Aatu (Finnish)
  • Adalwolf (Ancient Germanic)
  • Ádo (Sami)
  • Adolf  (German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech, Ancient Germanic)
  • Adolfe (Danish)
  • Adolfito (Spanish)
  • Adolfo (Italian, Spanish)
  • Adolph (English)
  • Adolphe (French)
  • Adolphus (Ancient Germanic (Latinized))
  • Alef (Swedish)
  • Aleph (Swedish)
  • Alf (Scandinavian)
  • Doffen (Norwegian)
  • Dölf (Limburgish)
  • Dolf (Swedish)
  • Dolph (English)
  • Dolph (Swedish)
  • Dulf (Limburgish)
  • Fito (Spanish)
  • Tolhvi (Finnish)
  • Tolkki (Finnish)
  • Tolppi (Finnish)
  • Tolppo (Finnish)
  • Tolvi (Finnish)

Female Variations:

  • Aadolfiia  (Finnish)
  • Aadolfiina (Finnish)
  • Aatohviina (Finnish)
  • Aatolva (Finnish)
  • Aatolviina (Finnish)
  • Adolfa (English)
  • Adolfina (Finnish, Swedish)
  • Adolfine (Danish, Norwegian)
  • Adolpha (English)
  • Alfiina (Finnish)
  • Alviina (Finnish)
  • Atofiina (Finnish)
  • Atohviina (Finnish)
  • Tolviina (Finnish)
  • Viina (Finnish)
  • Viinu (Finnish)

Is Adolf forever off limits? Middle name? How about his variations? How strongly do you feel about this name?

I think he is very handsome, however some people have gone as far to say that they would “doubt the morality of such a person” who would bear this name onto a child. I find this a bit on the extreme side.

Will this forever be my tainted love?

2 thoughts on “Adolf

  1. Unfortunately, I think this name has forever been ruined. It’d be like naming your baby Lucifer. It’s just got too bad a connotation. The variations, however, I think would be absolutely fine. It’s a shame, really. It’s quite a nice name.

  2. Perhaps, I am unbiased but Adolf was extremely common during the WWII, even on a slight decline at the time. Which leads to another fact that Adolf Hitler killed Jewish people named Adolf. Thus, that doesn’t make ALL Adolf’s bad people. In fact, as you mentioned above in regards to people’s opinions on questioning a parents morality, it is quite sad though, if one wanted to honor a great grandmother or grandfather from their Jewish ancestry, they then would be call into questioned over their morality?! That seems narrow-minded and rude! It leaves the person who is judging so harshly, to appear uninformed and not a critical thinker at all. Perhaps, people do not realize the common factor of the name at the time…. I will mention that there were 12 “OTHER” VERY influential Adolf’s throughout history, and one of them was a professor that taught Einstein. So one face shouldn’t be just attached to one name only, I think this is a failure in the schooling system, personally. Furthermore, It would be no different than saying the name Joseph, from Joseph Stalin should be outlawed despite the connection to Joseph from the bible and all the good people running around with the name Joseph. The judging of morality on the name of Adolf alone and not based on character, is pretty much a hypocritical mindset and an unnecessary sensitive and finicky disposition. They do not have too or choose to be “offended” by the name, again, that leaves them looking very narrow minded perhaps even a bigot.

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