Have you found THE name?

As name lovers we are certain to develop our taste and style. We have our favorites,  lists, and combos.

My question  is have you found the perfect name/sibset? Is this the name you know you are going to use? Or do you have a favorite of the moment and it changes occasionally? How long have you loved this name?

Also, do you have favorite list of names or do you have the sibset planned ahead?

I’d love to hear your approach to naming.


11 thoughts on “Have you found THE name?

  1. I wouldn’t say I’ve found THE name (it could change), but I do have one favorite name that occured to me a few months ago, and it’s been on my mind ever since. Whenever I picture myself with a child, she is named this. Ready? Cuz it’s a little out-there. Poppy June Jemima. I just love it to death.

    Boys names ar a lot harder for me. I haven’t found any name that just seems perfect yet. However, if I ever have a son, Pieter will be his (or one of his) middle names. It’s my grandfather’s name and I want to honor him.

    As for the second question, I keep a list of names. I like to think of sib-sets and such, though. Mainly I have a few favorites that I play with a lot, and then one big list.

  2. I keep a list of names but I normally just remember them all. I have my favorite girl’s name (Ivy) although it might change since it goes from one to the other. But normally if I like a girl’s name, I like it forever. Boys names change more often but right now my favorite boy’s name is Linus.

    I know that the girl will have the middle name Catherine and the boy will either have William, Fields or Henry which are all family names 🙂

    • Ivy is utterly charming. I have only met one.
      It seems to me that my boys list is more susceptible to change also 🙂
      Catherine and the boys William, Fields and Henry all feel as though they have stepped out of an Austen novel. You are lucky to have such elegant family names.

    • Ah and now my favorite girl name may have changed! Now I’m thinking about Jane, It’s been a favorite of mine for awhile and I’ve been thinking about it again. It would be for Jane Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, she was my favorite character. And the combo is Jane Magnolia.

      • Wow changing the top name is big, well I think it is. When a favorite of mine changes it seems to always occupy part of my brain.
        I was just looking at your favorite names page on your blog. I Love them. I will be watching to see who will soon be your #1 girls name; Jane or Ivy

      • Yeah, I had liked Jane for about four years straight but I liked Ivy a few years before it. Jane is just one of those names that really stick. I think I would be pretty sad if I couldn’t use Jane for a future daughter.

  3. I too have a list, well I have many lists! I certainly have not found THE name yet but I do have a few that I like the most.

    My favorite names have been changing on a regular basis but right now my favorites for boys are: Sullivan and Callahan, and for girls are: Pomeline (Pom-AH-leen) and Verena (Veh-REE-nah).

    I have so much fun looking at names I’m actually glad no name has stuck out as the one yet!!!!

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