Gender: Masculine

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Able to survive.”

Pronunciation: (ZOH-suh-muhs) Listen

Nicknames: Zo, Zosi

Detail: A Greek name derived from zosimos meaning “viable” or “likely to survive”.

This was the name of several early saints and a pope.

Male Variations:

  • Sosimo (Spanish)
  • Zosimo (Spanish)
  • Zosimos (Ancient Greek)
  • Zosimus (Ancient Greek)

Female Variations:

  • Zosime (Ancient Greek) [ZOH-suh-mee]
    • Nicknames: Zosi, Zoe

3 thoughts on “Zosimus

  1. Zosimus is the middle name of my son 🙂 His first name is Kaleb (I’m not usually one for re-spellings, but it’s an anagram of my hubby’s name, Blake) and despite everything going against our little angel, he survived and is quite the feisty little fighter to this day. I found this name while searching the Internet for names meaning “survivor.” It’s different and some people think it’s downright strange, but Zosimus has SUCH meaning for us. We don’t care what others think!

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