Gender: Feminine

Origin: Roman

Meaning: “She who takes care of the sheep; shepherdess.”

Pronunciation: (oh-VID-ee-ah); (aw-VID-ee-ah)

Nicknames: Ovi, Vidi, Via

Detail: Feminine variation of the Roman name Ovidius, meaning “sheep herder.”

Ovid was an ancient Roman poet.


2 thoughts on “Ovidia

  1. I love this one! It’s currently only in use in Scandinavia I think? No one else has ever heard of it at least 🙂
    It’s at the top of my list of names to use if I stay in Norway. Such a beauty, and a nice change from popular Olivia.
    It’s like a mix of Lydia and Olivia only more intriguing! ^^

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