Gender: Feminine

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: debated “She of Great Desire.” “Idol; image.”

Eluned derived from Welsh -el “greatly, much” + (i)uned “wish, desire.” Or from Welsh eilun “image, idol.”

Pronunciation: Eng (eh-LOON-ed); Welsh (el-EEN-ed)

Detail: Eluned was a handmaiden of the Lady of the Fountain in the Welsh Arthurian romance Owein. She had a magic ring which rendered the wearer invisible – one of the Thirteen Treasures of the Island of Britain. Eluned’s beauty and intelligence were legendary. This was also the name of a 5th-century Welsh saint.

Nicknames: Luna, Elle, Lena, Lune, Ned


  • Alud (Welsh)
  • Eiluned (Welsh)
  • Elined (Welsh)
  • Eliwedd (Welsh)
  • Elyned (Welsh)
  • Lenae
  • Linetta
  • Luned (Welsh)
  • Lunet
  • Lunetta
  • Lunette (French)

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