Gender: Feminine

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “joy, mirth.”

Pronunciation: (yoo-FROH-sih-nee)

Nicknames: Euphy, Rose, Syne

Detail: Euphrosyne is one of the three graces. (She is the happy smiling one, bubbling over with laughter.) These three ladies are the attendants to Venus. Their names are Aglaia (splendor), Euphrosyne (mirth) and Thalia (good cheer). They were the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome.

A few early saints bore the name variation Euphrosyne.


  • Efrosyni (Greek)
  • Eufrozina (Hungarian)
  • Euphrosyne (Greek)
  • Fruzsina (Hungarian) [frooz-SEE-nah]

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