Daughters of Ægir

Gender: Feminine

Origin: Norse

Detail: The Daughters of Ægir (ee-geer or eh-geer) are the nine daughters of Ægir and Rán (rawn), a giant and goddess who both represent the sea in Norse mythology. Each of their names are poetic terms for different characteristics of ocean waves.

The Nine Wave Daughters:

Blodughadda – Bloody Hair (a reference to red sea foam)

Bylgja – Billow

Dröfn (or Bara) – Foam Fleck

Duva (Dúfa) – Pitching Wave

Hefring (Hevring) – Rising Wave

Himinglæva (Himinglava) – Heaven-Gleaming

Hronn – Welling Wave

Kolga – Cool Wave

Unnur (Unnr or Unn or Uðr ) – Frothing Wave

3 thoughts on “Daughters of Ægir

  1. Person, I LOVED YOUR NAMES!!!! THEY ARE SO COOLIO!!!! My favorite girl name of your’s is Hermione, and my favorite boy name of your’s is Harry. 😀 Keep up the good name work! 🙂

  2. I Love ❤ Love mythical names! You should use those ones, and then the WORLD will soon be mythical!!!!


    😀 -rosebud-

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